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Solution & Service


ERP solution NSSOL

We provide total support in the creation of core business system required by locally based Japanese companies, which comprises of sequential supply chain from order-taking to delivery (sales), management accounting, financial accounting and consolidated accounting, starting from providing consultations in considering the introduction of the system itself, constructing, operating, maintaining and upgrading the system, and all the way to deploying the roll out from Japan. In addition, we can also cater to demands such as: we only want to introduce “inventory management” to our system. NSIDN will support you in solving your problems by selecting, introducing, and maintaining the most optimal solution from our range of package products, starting from providing Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAVI as an authorized agent of Microsoft.


hr/admin NSSOL

Together with our group company, PT. Sakura System Solutions, we also cater to the complex payroll calculation that is compliant with the laws, regulations and HR practices unique to Indonesia. In addition, we also provide “SPISy”, a solution to assist with the planning of human resources strategy. Furthermore, we also provide “NS BizBooster”, a solution to standardize your business that will be able to deal with additional workload resulting from the growth of your business, and to enable a thorough flow of business operation and decision-making required for internal control etc. Finally, we also prepare dashboards etc. equipped with aggregating functions and templates for tasks such as decision-making, request and settlement, which will reduce the load for introducing the system.


Purchase Solution NSSOL

Many companies in Indonesia are facing issues such as strengthening internal control, purchase cost reduction, personal knowledge based operation and complicated business process etc. In order to resolve those issues, various approaches such as review of business rule/process, system implementation are required. We offer a purchase solution "NS BizBooster" that promotes business reforms and fit to your needs flexibly. And we support your purchasing operation improvement comprehensively.



NSIDN provides a range of services for planning, introducing, maintaining, and operating environment infrastructure that will be required for various types of businesses. In addition, recently, in conjunction with the trend of IT security maintenance in Japan, “IT security maintenance” has become an important issue to be tackled among Japanese companies here in Indonesia as well. We will also support you in building your IT security system, by utilizing our experience as a part of NS Solutions, who for so many years has been constructing not only infrastructure, but also the mechanism to secure the safety of our customers’ infrastructure environment itself.

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